The National Involvement Network – ARC Scotland

    The National Involvement Network (NIN) is network of people who receive social care support who have been meeting since 2007 to promote involvement and share ideas about things that matter to us most. We wrote the Charter for Involvement and are now working to promote it across Scotland.

    For people who use services have more choice and control over their lives and to have a bigger say in how the organisations that support us are run. We also talk about getting involved in the wider community.

    The Charter for Involvement
    The Charter for Involvement is written by the National Involvement Network (NIN). It sets out in their own words how supported people want to be involved, in the support that they get, in the organisations that provide their services, in the wider community.

    View the Abstract of the NIN and Chris Hatton: Charter for Involvement – living the lives we want  



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